Sunday, 26 July 2009


The three and a half year time lag between the National Assembly wanting to bring in a ban on smoking in public spaces and the eventual change in the law (especially if you think about how many people will have contracted health problems as a direct result of the delay), speaks volumes about the difference in priorities between Wales and London as well as providing an illustration of the need for real legislative powers in Cardiff Bay.

Despite the near incoherent mutterings from True Wales, the current proposals that have been discussed by the All Wales Convention would, should a referendum be called and subsequently won would result in the transfer of some 60% of the legislative areas that are currently administered by the Scottish parliament, even for the most sceptical anti-devolutionist this is hardly a slippery slope, but would at least go some way to enabling the National Assembly to begin to solve some of the serious problems that we face in Wales.

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