Tuesday, 7 July 2009


The Welsh Economic Research Unit (WERU) has produced figures that show that 3,252 housing association homes have been delivered over the past two years. Plaid housing minister, Jocelyn Davies AM is on track to delivering her affordable housing targets - with the Plaid driven One Wales government reaching the halfway mark on its target of creating an additional 6,500 affordable homes.

This is actually an impressive achievement, especially if you consider the current economic climate and economic conditions. Plaid has been committed to meeting these targets and has helped to more financial support into housing. This achievement is all the more remarkable especially when you consider that Housing Associations have committed their own resources at a time when borrowing is far more expensive and quite difficult to obtain.

Back in December 2008, the Plaid driven One Wales Government announced an extra £42 million pounds worth of funding to be spent over three financial years to boost the creation of affordable housing in Wales. This will give vital stimulus to the construction industry and ensure that the ambitious target of 6,500 affordable homes is achieved within this Assembly term.

Just imagine what a Plaid Government could achieve if the National Assembly had powers similar to those of Scotland?

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