Thursday, 23 July 2009


The launch of this scheme, by Wales’ Agriculture Minister Elin Jones AM, is a significant step forward for the farming industry in Wales. The evidence suggests that there are between 100 and 200 young entrants taking over the running of farming businesses each year in Wales.

The new scheme called the Young Entrants Support Scheme (YESS) will offer business support and financial help to people under 40 get into farming for themselves. If we in Wales want a thriving agricultural sector in the future, then the farming industry in Wales needs not just to survive, but to grow, if this is to happen then this rate of younger people moving into the industry needs to increase significantly.

This new scheme is a significant and practical step in the right direction toward the creation of a dynamic and competitive farming industry that is fit for the future in Wales. As those in the farming industry know, and as with any home grown industry it is essential that young talent is nurtured, encouraged and supported.

One of our greatest resources is its people, and we are blessed by necessity with an adaptable workforce in all walks of life, and in the agricultural sector we are not short of young people who have got huge amounts of enthusiasm, ability and drive to get on. So the launch of the YESS scheme is most welcome, as it is only right that the Welsh government should be helping Welsh young people to start out in the industry.

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