Monday, 29 April 2013


Cllr Debbie Wilcomx  (Gaer Ward)
Cllr Herbie Thomas (Gaer Ward)
Cllr Mark Whitcutt (Gaer Ward)
Before the last City Council elections in May 2012, Labour in Newport made much fuss of its public commitment to work hard and report back to the electorate of Newport. Apparently this agreement does not apply to Gaer Ward, where its elected representatives failed to attend a protest meeting in the Gaer last Thursday evening. 

The South Wales Argus has reported that Gaer Ward councillor and cabinet member for leisure and culture, Debbie Wilcox; cabinet member for human resources Cllr Mark Whitcutt; and Cllr Herbie Thomas were all conspicuous by their absence from the well attended public meeting which saw almost 100 residents, parents and governors meet to oppose the (Labour administered) City Council’s plans to close Gaer Infants School and turn the site into an autism unit. The infant pupils would then move to the Gaer Junior School and that would become a 420-pupil primary school. 

While apologies were duly received from the elected Labour in Newport representative, they were obviously more concerned with following the Labour whip rather than meeting with concerned members of their own electorate. Newport City Council went so far as to publish a statutory notice in the South Wales Argus last week to announce its intention to follow through with the plans by September 1st 2013, yet Labour Ward councillors would not meet with concerned parents and their own electors. 

This is yet another example of the Contempt with which the Labour Party in Newport treats the electors of the Gaer (and Newport) and puts Party interests before the interests of the people. People can comment on the plans before May 22nd by writing to the Chief Education Officer, Newport City Council, Civic Centre, NP20 4UR or by emailing 

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